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Delhi Riding Club Foundation has transformed into NGO. It was established in 1968 by late Captain Kundan Singh, who fought in World War II in Burma. At the time of its foundation, it was for providing basics to amateur riders. After his death, his daughter has taken his mantle and slowly transformed the Club into a center for social & charity work. By her efforts of charity, and her helping nature towards poor people, Delhi Riding Club Foundation was born. 

Delhi Riding Club Foundation is a national non-profit organization, fully committed to social service and human welfare activities.

We are directly involved in the re-establishment of migrated people. Taking care of their basic needs like education & scholarships for children, self-help activities for women, employment opportunities providing activities for the youth and free hygienic food.

We provide health services through our program “Health service on wheels”, to all GUGGI-ZOMPDI areas, with an experienced team of doctors on the doorstep of poor people. We are also arranging Mega Health Camps in their areas with specialist doctors.
We are taking care of the basic education needs of their children by providing free learning, various types of scholarships, e-learning programs, and the “school on wheels” project as well.

We are fully concentrated on providing SANITARY facilities for poor people. We are engaged in building toilets in various areas for poor people, providing sanitary pads to women, and cleaning their common toilets. 

We are providing free hygienic food in GUGGI areas, and spreading awareness regarding water purification by installating R.O. systems in various areas to provide them with pure drinking water. 

We are also implementing electricity systems in GUGGI-ZOMPDI areas, by fixing street lights and providing solar lights to needy families.